At Wood International we understand that it is not only important to source the right product at the right price, but also to ensure that it reaches its final destination efficiently and on time.

We strive to meet our promises to you to ensure that your customer’s needs are fulfilled. We can ship products from any of our supply sources to any global destination.

An important part of the service that we offer is to see the transportation of product through, from forest to final destination. Our shipping department can accurately track your goods and at any time we can update you with their precise location whether they be in production, on water or at the port. This unique service will help you to efficiently manage your stock levels and plan your further order requirements.

The volumes we deal with, combined with the contacts we have built, enable us to secure favourable freight rates. The extensive logistics knowledge and experience we have guarantee that we are constantly working with shipping lines to ensure that your products are shipped efficiently, and at the best time to give you freight advantage.

We understand the often complex packaging and shipping habits of each country of origin, as well as the import and customs procedures for each destination country.

With Wood International Agency Ltd dealing with all aspects of freight handling you can be confident that your order will be delivered on time.

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“What you can expect when dealing with it them is, respect, value, support, encouragement and enthusiasm. I must make it absolutely clear that for me Wood International is considered elite of timber agents worldwide.”


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The trail of documentation that goes alongside the acquisition of forest products can be daunting.  Here at Wood International we are fully conversant in all aspects of documentation, legislation and environmental certification.

We deal with all import licences, certificates and manufacturing declarations. We also have detailed knowledge of global import tax requirements.

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Good forest management has a positive effect on not only the global environment but also local communities and the lives of the families within them.  We are conscious of the increasing focus on environmentally ethical sourcing and practice being applied to manufacturing and construction projects across all elements of industry and commerce.  Responsible sourcing is vital, and the need to take care of the worlds’ forests is always at the forefront of our business.

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