With a history of working for Boise Cascade and Keizer Bambergers, Mike Lamont established Wood International in 1977 to service Merrill Lynch Wood Markets for the Wickes Group in the US and European markets.

In the early years the company had strong links with the Philippine plywood industry, working in conjunction with sister company Wood International Corporation of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Wood International Agency Ltd represented exclusively Kirby Forest Products, Porodisia Plywood Co. and then Louisiana Pacific Corporation (LP) in the US primarily selling Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) plywood to the UK market. The company was also appointed agency for Tolko Industries in Canada, and what was formally Evans Lumber in the 1970’s. We developed our MDO panel to be the market leader in the United Kingdom, and brand Pourform 107 is still in wide use today.

With heavy involvement in the establishment of Louisiana Pacific’s new OSB factory in Ireland, Wood International went on to sell OSB into many markets around the world in preparation for the doubling of the European production of OSB. An invitation to join LP’s sales force was declined and the business remained independent, however, the experience of these overseas sales formed the springboard for export sales in panel products.

The company continued to grow, and took on exclusive agencies for American Hardwoods from American Lumber “Green Diamond” brand, Eidai Industria do Brasil, and Triangulo Industries Limitada, Gethal Amazonas, Cikel Verde SA (Brazilian Hardwood plywood factories). As part of this growth into new markets Wood International (Far East) Limited was established, and became the largest UK agency for Indonesian Plywood representing Barito Pacific, Aceh Prima, and Sukses Sumatra, as well as CHG from Malaysia.

Alan Lamont joined the company in 1991, and worked initially in LP’s plywood, OSB and MDF factories in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. He then moved north to Nova Scotia to work in their new state of the art Fiberbond mill, a revolutionary product made from gypsum, waste paper and perlite. Using this experience he went on to directly market and promote Fiberbond to British Architects and Specifiers, before becoming involved with the sales of plywood.

Responding to changes in the SYP market during the late 1990’s he company moved heavily into the Brazilian market, and rapidly became the UK’s largest agency for Brazilian Elliottii Pine Plywood. As Sudatis’ second largest customer worldwide WIA Ltd was moving in excess of 300 containers per month across the globe. The company also represents Nereu Rodrigues & Cia, Drabecki (Honduran Pine plywood), and we are proud to be the first agency to import and develop FSC® hardwood plywood in the UK with Gethal Amazonas. We continue to promote and champion the FSC® brand and the benefits that it entails.

Today Wood International is very strong in the Brazilian market dealing with numerous mills and products, as well as plywood from Chile and Canada, and panel products from South Africa, Argentina, Thailand and more. The company supplies the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Germany, USA, Canada, South Africa, Mozambique, Georgia, Caribbean, Namibia, Egypt, UAE, India, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Holland amongst others.


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“We have worked with Wood International Agency Ltd for over 12 years.  We have always found them to be very professional in their approach and if any issue should arise it is always resolved swiftly.”




The trail of documentation that goes alongside the acquisition of forest products can be daunting. Here at Wood International we are fully conversant in all aspects of documentation, legislation and environmental certification.

We deal with all import licences, certificates and manufacturing declarations. We also have detailed knowledge of global import tax requirements.

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Good forest management has a positive effect on not only the global environment but also local communities and the lives of the families within them. We are conscious of the increasing focus on environmentally ethical sourcing and practice being applied to manufacturing and construction projects across all elements of industry and commerce. Responsible sourcing is vital, and the need to take care of the worlds’ forests is always at the forefront of our business.

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